Are there one or more unsightly stumps littering your property? Regardless if you inherited them through an acquisition of your property, or if you never finished a previous lot clearance project, the stumps are there now and likely causing problems.

Unwanted tree stumps can occupy valuable space on your land, and additionally act as a safety issue. Clean & Simple Services, Inc. can help you solve this issue with our tree removal and stump grinding services. Our professional tree and stump removal service can remove your trees and grind your tree stumps, helping your land to look as clean and expansive as ever.

Removing a tree, especially one that has been a part of your property for a long time, is an extremely demanding ordeal. If the tree is particularly large, someone can get injured, or lead to significant property damage. Attempting to remove the tree on your own is never a good idea.

Avoid the hassle, in addition to any associated dangers by allowing a professional tree service professional to step in and take care of removing the tree for you! The Clean & Simple Services, In. team is experienced and equipped with the right tools and supplies on any job site to ensure completing the job is as streamlined and efficient as possible.