Fall lawn care and tree service

There are many significant benefits that trees provide to our homes and cities, but people can be injured and property damaged when trees aren’t property maintained and fall. Your property will be safer by taking care of tree hazards, and it will also extend the life of your tree. Oftentimes, you will not have the equipment necessary to do the pruning yourself. Even more often, homeowners will not have the expertise and training necessary to prune their trees properly without injuring themselves or the tree. That is why we at Clean & Simple Services, Inc.

offer expert tree trimming our clients can rely on! In addition to a complete set of tree services, we also provide basic and complete lawn care and landscape maintenance packages, which include trimming, edging, mowing, leaf removal, lawn, palm, and tree fertilization, weed control, and the installation of soil and mulch. By taking care of your lawn, you will increase the curb appeal of your property. Your family will have more living space, and a pleasant-looking lawn is simultaneously functional and aesthetically appealing. Landscaping that is well-designed and well-cared for can increase your home’s value by 7 to 14 percent.